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Soul Whisperer, credentialed Yogini and cancer survivor. AromaReiki Master, motivational speaker and yoga teacher trainer based in San Deigo, CA.

A free spirit who's passion is helping others lighten their load through Awareness.

MY MISSION is blending Eastern and Western modalities for a global mentality on wellness, daily life and happiness.


to the Yoga Life with Kitty B.

An ex-Fashion Exec, after many "mental moments" on and off the mat, YOGA has transformed me from a Type A Pesonality to a "Recovering" Type A Pesonality. I look forward to working together to find what you seek and create sustainable long term daily actions.

My Specialties?

Therapeutic yoga, relaxation workshops and corporate wellness lunch-n-learn, as well as Yoga Nidra (Sleep) meditations for managing stress, insomnia, cancer and chronic disease. I craft heart centered vinyasa flow practices with uplifting playlists to make you sweat and feel fantastically alive. I am a Beautycounter consultant getting safer skincare & cosmetics into the hands of everyone. I am proud to be a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, integrating the use of YLEO's into my client's Reiki sessions (AromaReiki). In 2016, I created and launched ReBoot: AromaReiki & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training after years of leading it as a popular workshop with Reiki Master, good friend & Spinning Yogi, Kurt Reineking.

What is The Yoga Life with Kitty B and what can I do for you?

It is my hope and intention to assist you in learning how to empower yourself to better health through mindfulness techniques, developing life coping skills and reducing stress - one breath, one moment, one experience at a time. To be connected to your body so that you can be connected to your Self and your community.

Breath Awareness, Mindful Movement and Creative, Intelligent Sequencing are key foundations in my classes. Expect an uplifting ambience and fun playlist in a safe and caring environment. Nurture Your Soul & Come Smile With Me.

Photography by Dennis Mukai

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