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Learn tools for embodying the foundations of yoga in order to manage stress and live more fruitfully.

Mindful Yoga Works, in clinical trials as "Yoga of Awareness" is an innovative program for anyone wanting to learn useful tools for coping with stress amidst daily life. This course conveys essential elements of the ancient tradition of yoga -- including meditation, breath work, postures, self-study and group sharing -- in a context that is informed by modern, evidenced-based medicine.

The result is a powerful and transformative healing experience for an individual that reflects both the heart of yoga and the understanding of integrative medicine. Yoga of Awareness has been shown in research studies at Duke Medical Center to help cancer patients at early stages as well as advanced stages of the cancer experience. A study of this course was also published in Pain, a leading scientific journal, describing beneficial effects on participants with fibromyalgia. The clinical trials of this program have demonstrated significant decreases in pain, fatigue, insomnia, negative mood and hot flashes as well as increases in vigor, acceptance and relaxation in the participants.

Whether coping with illness such as cancer or fibromyalgia, chronic pain, sleep apnea, insomnia, Type A personality or simply overwhelmed with daily life - Yoga of Awareness can help build your toolbox of skills in order to live life more fruitfully.

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For more info EMAIL: CALL KITTY - 310-936-4130

Spring 2021 8 week session starts Sat 3/6

Mindful Yoga Works



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