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"Let Your Practice Be

Your Sanctuary"

Photography by Dennis Mukai


"No, we don't want to sit up, we want to stay here all day!" L, The Gym, Englewood

"As relaxing as going to a Spa." - -S at y4c,

"Class time passes by so fast and it's always something different." - L.L., Englewood, NJ

"I don’t know how, but no matter what she says, it can always relate to you, or something going on in your life. Her words are always kind and peaceful, and give advice with out her giving you direct advice. Kitty leads you to find what you know deep down inside." - N.R., Waldwick, NJ

"We want more yoga with Kitty!" - group ex class, NJ

"I think that was the first authentic yoga class I have ever taken! It addressed the mind, the body and the soul. Can't wait for next week. Thank you!" - Teaneck, NJ

"You are a healer. Thank you for doing what you do." - B., Chestnut Ridge, NJ

Photography by Dennis Mukai

Retreat & Renew:

Yoga Retreat


2019 Dates TBA

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The Retreat Project / Tari Prinster

Yoga of Awareness

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